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How to gain XP in Pokemon Go

You gain XP by doing virtually anything in Pokemon Go. Here is a quick list of ways to gain XP (in order of most XP to least XP):

  • Catching a new Pokemon – 500XP and you’ll also get 500 stardust along with three Candy for the species that you caught. This only happens if it’s the first time that Pokemon has been in your inventory.
  • Evolving a Pokemon – 500XP. This is what you get no matter which Pokemon you evolve or how many times you have evolved them in the past.
  • Hatching an egg – 200XP. This is universal between 2km, 5km, and 10km eggs.
  • Catching a Pokemon – 100XP and you’ll also get 100 stardust along with three Candy for the species that you caught.
  • Excellent Throw – 100XP. This is attained while capturing Pokemon and will require a near flawless throw of a Poke Ball. This is added to the XP you get for catching the Pokemon if you caught it on that throw. If the Pokemon breaks out, you lose the Excellent Throw bonus. This mechanic works the same way for all “Throw” bonuses.
  • Grabbing a Pokestop – 50XP for each Pokestop and you’ll get a few free items as well!
  • Great Throw – 50XP.
  • Nice Throw – 10XP.
  • Curve Ball – 10XP. This occurs when your Poke Ball curves in midair after you throw it and manage to catch the Pokemon anyway.
  • Gym Battles – When you engage in a Gym battle, you’ll get experience points. The amount you get depends on a variety of variables, including the Gym’s level, how strong your Pokemon are, how strong the Gym’s Pokemon are, and your current level. All of these things are true whether you’re battling to take a Gym or battling in order to level up your Gym. Generally, you can get between 50-200XP per battle this way.

Doing any of these can earn you XP and level you up. Niantic did an excellent job making it so that you would level up on your own quickly even if you didn’t know much about the game. However, those who like to min-max and grind can do more to gain XP quickly.

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