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Method 2 – Lure, Incense, and Lucky Eggs

The second method is far less efficient but far easier to set up and do. This is also an excellent way to catch tons of common Pokemon for the evolution farming method described above. A few rounds of this should give you dozens of Pokemon to play with! Let’s get started:


  • You will want to obtain at least one Lure, one Incense, and one Lucky Egg.

How to do the Lure, Incense, and Lucky Egg method:

  1. Go to a Pokestop where you can sit and hang out for a while.
  2. Consume your Lucky Egg and Incense. If you need help using or finding Incense, you can find our guide for that here!
  3. Immediately click on the Pokestop and use a Lure. If you need help using Lures, you can find our guide here!
  4. For the next 30 minutes, enjoy catching tons of Pokemon and getting double the XP for it.
  5. Don’t forget to collect from the Pokestop, which should allow you to do so four to six times during the next 30 minutes. You can also evolve any Pokemon you need to during this time to get even more XP!

The results won’t be nearly as dramatic as farming evolutions, but you should still get a fairly decent amount of XP. Incense spawn Pokemon every five or so minutes while Lures will spawn them every three minutes or so on average. This should result in about 10-20 Pokemon that show up. At 100XP each, that should total around 2000-4000XP, plus whatever you collect from any other activities you perform during that 30 minute time frame (evolutions and Pokestops). This is also a great way to get resources and new Pokemon quickly in Pokemon Go.

It should be noted that this method gets less effective over time. If you’re a new player, you’ll end up catching tons of Pokemon that you’ve never had before. Catching a new Pokemon that you’ve never had gives you 500XP instead of 100XP. A level three player with hardly any Pokemon is going to gain a lot more XP than someone who is level 15 and has half of their Pokedex filled up.

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