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146-Year Man From Indonesia Wish to Die

What if you live longer than 100 years? But if it's true so you will have many things in your mind. You will also have many experience. Mr. Gotho is one of them. The man who live in Sragen, Central Java Indonesia recently known live for more than 145 years.

As quoted on Liputan6, Mbah Gotho was born on 31th December 1870. And this December he will be 145 old, according to the his identity card.
Now, Mbah Gotho is looked up by his grandchild. His wife and childs have died already. 1988, is the year where his last wife died. According to one of his grandson, Suryanto, Mbah Gotho has a very simple tips to live longer. Mbah Gotho always patient and grateful for what he got.

And now he lives in Segeran, Ceeg Village, Subdistric of Sambungmacan and only sick only one in a while. Most of deseases he got is ailment, such colds. Suryanto also state that his grandfa has never got such a serious ill.

One of the reason could be food he eats, Mbah Gotho never got fussy. But now his body cannot help him eating and bathing by himself for the last three month. But, Mbah Gotho had already prepared for his died when he was 122 years old.

Mbah Gotho wants to die.

This time mbah Gotho cannot walk anymore. and then, His eyes ability have decreased. Even his listening ability also has decreased. If we want to talk to him so we must scream to make him hear what we say. But until now his hobby is listening to the radio.

And now it's already 24 years after he prepared for his death, Mbah Gotho body still strap with his unchanging character. In his mind, his grandchilds has self-sufficient and success. And he is ready to die.

As quoted on New York Times, the world oldest record is a woman from prance named Jeanne Calment. although, Jeanne was death at her 122 year, in 1997. I mean, if Mbah Gotho register himself, he can break new 
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